The Course in Mindfulness is a twelve-week program presented on ZOOM. The program begins with an introduction that provides a broad overview of the course and what they will see and learn. Then they can commit to attending the weekly sessions.

The world is full of wonder and pleasant moments. It is also full of difficult issues, major   problems, conflict, and personal matters that can make the wonderful and pleasant moments seem far, far away! The practice of Mindfulness and the life principles I provide can bring those pleasant moments into your every day. It just takes a few minutes a day to quiet down and listen to the small voice within you.

Each session has a Principle, inspiring quotes, exceptional videos, profound affirmations  and a closing quiet meditation. Each session leaves the attendee with a positive outlook on live and how it can be better for them through following the method provided.

More information and details can be found in the Introductory Video below.

January 14, 2024

Tuesday, Jan 16, 2024            7:00 to 8:15 EST on ZOOM

There is no fee!

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Who is Paul Samborsky

I always suspected there was more to life than what we saw in our daily walk. One time I read a quote by the great French mathematician and philosopher, René Descartes that says. "We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience." After much study, I know this is true.

My life journey included many years as a devout member of a religious organization where I was well-versed in that belief system. However, my study was not limited to that one faith. I studied many other belief systems and learned to appreciate all of them. I found that all religions believe in the one supreme being with many subordinate ones and that life continues after the body stops functioning. My studies lead me to practice meditation, and I have been meditating since 2010. Subsequently,  I discovered Mindfulness which uses meditation as its primary tool. I studied Mindfulness by taking a course developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Not completely satisfied with the depth of the course, I  developed The Course in Mindfulness to help others gain the life satisfaction that I found in Mindfulness. I teach that  mindfulness results from a consistent meditation practice, an understanding fundamental life principles and living in the present moment. Through Mindfulness, you quickly realize that we are all connected.

I am an experienced speaker and I like to engage my audience in the courses I teach. Often, I may challenge their worldview but I will always provide food for thought.

I have presented this course 20 times, and over 600 people have completed or taken a major portion of the course. My wish is to help spread a greater understanding of Mindfulness and the spiritual aspect of our lives. I concur with the words of Julia Cameron, the American author and playwright,  “We are spiritual beings with spiritual business to transact here on this earth.”    

My goal - to develop 1,000,000+ Spiritual Teachers!

What others have to say about The Course in Mindfulness

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A Thank You

I want to praise and express my sincere gratitude to you for your initiative to bring forward this program and your continued efforts to make a difference in someone else's life to be a better version of themselves.

C. V.

Over the last 12 weeks, I've got to develop such incredible lifetime worthy rituals/habits such as writing in the gratitude journal, practice, and really committing myself to find the time to meditate

Ben. I. 

The program got me to learn some fascinating facts and a more in-depth understanding of our lives, virtues, human behaviors, and the incredible power of our minds

Marg S.

Music is an important part of spirituality for me. This week's class especially spoke to me.

The Course In Mindfulness